Doing More With Less. 361 Degrees Conference: Design And The Informal City

Mumbai, 2010

Revathi Kamath talks about Anandgram - a community development project dealing with all the complexities that generate urban form, and the ways and me ... Read More

Building Naturally: Ecologically Moulded Architecture. Dec 26th, 2009

Architecture For Humanity Exhibition, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

As we witness the evolution of human culture and civilization through time, we can trace a movement towards equity and natural justice continuously su ... Read More

AEC World Expo, 2009

Kamath Design Studio, New Delhi

A short talk on Kamath Design Studio's philosophy of sustainable architecture.

Asia Who's Who: Revathi Kamath

A Documentary Film Broadcast Of NHK, Japan.

A full length programme profiling Revathi Kamath, her design philosophy and some of her projects.